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    *we have a right to change any of these service options without prior notification

    How do I pay for the newsletter?

    • We have an ALL ELECTRONIC payment system.  We accept only credit cards and debit/check cards for payments.

    Is there a long-term contract?

    • No, you can cancel your service at anytime.  However, we do ask for notice by the 1st of the month if you are planning to cancel.

    • Once your card has been charged, however, no refund will be given. Please cancel prior to the 1st of the month.

    Is there a set up fee?

    • Yes, $20.  

    How much does it cost?

    When will I be billed for the service? 

    • When you initially sign up, you'll be billed then for the setup and 1st month's service.

    • Then each month, you'll be billed the 1st of each month.

    • If you would like an alternate date (like the 15th, for example), just let me know.

    Can I skip a month and not use the service?

    • Our service is monthly.

    • To remain active and not have to sign up again and pay the set up fee, you'll have to use the service each month.

    • However, you can cancel at anytime prior to the 1st of the month.

    If I cancel the service, will I have to pay the set-up fee again?

    • Yes

    When can I sign up for the service?

    • At any time before the 17th of any month

    • This is because our month ends on the 23rd, and we cannot guarantee a completed video before our deadline if you sign up after the 17th.


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    About my first V-News video, how does that work?

    • Once you sign up, you will receive a response by email that we have received your information and attached to that email will be some questions you need to answer for your first month's video.

    • You should respond to that email as soon as you can so we can begin work on your video.

    • I will begin working on the first draft of your video and return to you as soon as I can.   Please allow up to 72 hours to return a draft

    Once I'm on the service, when do I get the video each month?

    • At the beginning of the month, we'll send you an email requesting you update the pieces of content you need to send based upon your service level (Startup, Business or Pro).

    • Once you return your content after receiving that email, your video production begins.

    • We'll wait until Mary Kay posts reports and return you a draft of your video which includes reports.

    • You will receive a updated revision within 72 hours of sending your initial content (excluding Sunday and Holidays) and within 48 hours of any revision (excluding Sunday and Holidays) IF Mary Kay has posted.

    • If Mary Kay has not posted, you'll receive your updated video within 72 hours of MK posting.

    I have the $40 website, but I have a DIQ this month.  Can that be added?

    • Yes, if you have a new DIQ or a new Car Driver, that additional page can be added into your video at no extra charge since this is a very special event!

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    How can I get information to you for the video?

    • For efficiency, an emailed copy of your information is the quickest and most accurate way to include into your video.

    How are reports included?

    • When you sign up you will provide the login information for us to access your reports from the MK website.  We will download and include the reports in the video.

    • Once reports are downloaded and included, no further updates will be made to the reports. They are included as is from the Company.

    I don't want my report information to be included.  Can my information be excluded when reports are posted?

    • Yes, you can opt to have your report information removed.

    In what format do you provide the video?

    • I provide you a copy in mp4 format.

    • That can be included on your Facebook page or on your own website.

    • Make sure your website can accommodate the mp4 extension.  Most can.

    How do I get photos to you for the video

    • You can send them by email

    • I'll keep a file of your Consultant photos to use

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    How many times can I revise my video because of errors, typos, etc.?

    • For the Start up service, 1 revision

    • For the Business service, 2 revisions

    • For the Pro service, 3 revisions

    • A revision is ANY change no matter how minimal to the video.

    • You can expect to receive an updated video within 48 hours of revision requests.

    Is there a deadline to complete my video?

    • Video production is over EVERY month on the 23rd (with exceptions for Thanksgiving and Christmas). Notices will be provided of an alternate date in these cases.

    • To get a completed video, all updates and changes must be received by 9:30 p.m. CST on the 23rd to be worked on.

    • However, there is a one-time exception each month that you can utilize for a $20 fee.  You'll be allowed only one $20 after-the-deadline revision each month.

    • After the deadline on the 23rd, you can send ONE EMAIL with information to complete your video UNTIL the 25th of the month.

    • You'll be asked by email to verify that you do want to have the $20 applied to your card and that verification must be returned by email before the 25th.

    • Once verification is received, we'll process your card and work on the video as we have time (as we may be off on vacation, etc.).

    • Because we may be on vacation during the last week of the month, any after-the-deadline requests do not have a set time as to when they will be returned to you. However, all will be completed by the 30th of the month and sent back as final.

    Do you keep past editions of my video?

    • No, we keep the current month's version of the video only.

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Do you give a discount for referring other Directors to your service?

    • To earn the credit . . .the person named as the referral must be a current customer using any of our services.

    • If you are already a customer of a one of our services, and are signing up for this service, no referral credit can be given as you'll already be aware of all the service we offer.

    • You must not be a return customer of the any service (newsletter, Virtual, etc.).  Meaning you previously used the service, are are now returning for that service or another we currently have.

    How will I know when a director I have referred uses the services?

    • First, make sure she indicates on the sign up form that you referred her.  Then, you will see a credit on your credit card statement for $10 for the referral.  If you'd like to know the director that referral is for, email us!

    • But if she doesn't fill that in at the time she signs up, and you find out later that I referred her, will I get credit?

    • No, unfortunately.  So make sure she mentions you at sign up!

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    How do I get my video posted on my Facebook page?

    • Create a post and click

    • Locate the video on your desktop and then click Post

    • Wait until the video uploads completely

    • Facebook will give you a prompt that the video has been uploaded


    • Once the video has been approved and uploaded by Facebook, you'll receive notification in your notification icon


    • Refresh your Facebook page and the video should be in the post.

    How do I get my video posted on my unit's website?

    • If you manage your own website, I suggest creating a folder called "V-News videos" and upload it there.

    • Make sure your configuration will allow the upload of .mp4 documents.

    • If you have a webmaster for your site, they'll know how to do this.

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The LIttle Extras

Besteder Bundle

  • Bundle the newsletter (or if you use the V-News or an OurUnitPlace Website) with any service and get $10 off your newsletter / V-News or / Website cost each month!

  • If bundling with the V-Notify service, you must have at least 3 videos each month to get the $10 bundle discount.

  • *We reserve the right to discontinue this program at anytime, without prior notice.  We will provide a 30-day notice if the program is to be changed or eliminated.

  • Sign up today for the services you're missing to take advantage of this offer!

Best Rewards

Offered free to Mary Kay Directors who use any of our services. Points never expire as long as you're a current customer. Earn points for every purchase on our website AND every month you remain a customer of one of our services.
  • 30 points for the unit newsletter service

  • 30 points for the V-News service

  • 20 points for the virtual assistant service

  • 20 points for the New Director Mix and Match service

  • 10 for the V-Notify email service

  • 5 points for each New Consultant you send through the New Consultant Training

  • Use points to pay for any online order or redeem 2,500 points for a $25 credit back to the card we have on file for you. Or, once a customer of our service and you purchase something from the Web Store, you can you use the points as credit in your cart.

  • Each point is worth $.01 (a penny). As you accumulate points, the cash value increases.

Read more on the FAQ page!

My Sister And Me

Just enter your sister Director's name in the "My Sister and Me" field when signing up for a Mary Kay Unit Newsletter, and we'll credit your account $10.00 for the set up fee and 50% of your first month's newsletter cost when she also signs up during the same month and includes YOUR name in her "My Sister and Me" field!

About Us

About Us

Besteder Newsletters was founded in the State of Nebraska in 2001 by Simmie and Pamela Besteder!

Our focus is on servicing direct selling professionals, with a future goal of expanding to every segment of the marketplace providing quality newsletters, websites and virtual assisting services.

Simmie has a Bachelor degree in English with a minor in Print Journalism and has a lot of ideas for various newsletter opportunities! I have a Bachelor degree in Business Management but have a passion for desktop publishing. Can you tell?

Thanks for visiting the site
Simmie and Pamela Besteder, Owner

Privacy Policy

Besteder Newsletters knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy.  By visiting Besteder Newsletters, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice. 

What Personal Information About Customers Does Besteder Newsletters Gather?

In addition to your mailing address and phone contact information, we'll require the information to access your Mary Kay reports.  We'll ask for your Unit Number, Consltant Number and Password.  

Our payment system is totally electronic and your credit card information is collected on a secure server with Merchant One Credit Card Services.  We do not see or maintain your credit card information.

E-mail Communications:  Most of our communication will be by email.  You provide monthly results to us and we include it in your newsletter.  In addition, when you become a customer, you are automatically added to our Blog mailing list.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Does Besteder Newsletters Share the Information It Receives?  No.  


Your children are safe in viewing our site.  There will be nothing offensive displayed here!

Did this help?  Still have questions?  Contact us.

Contact Us

Contact us by clicking the chat button at the bottom of this page. Leave a message or chat with us.

Or, you can call us 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. CST (334-612-0747)

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